Legacy UNIX Compatibility

cups-lpd - CUPS printing system - lpd emulation

Website: http://www.cups.org/
License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux
CUPS printing system provides a portable printing layer for
UNIX® operating systems. This is the package that provides standard
lpd emulation.


cups-lpd-1.6.3-17.el7.x86_64 [103 KiB] Changelog by Tim Waugh (2014-10-21):
- Support for failover without load-balancing (bug #1115219).
- Fix cupsGetPPD3() so it doesn't give the caller an unreadable file
  (part of fix for CVE-2014-5031, STR #4500).
- Can no longer reproduce bug #1010580 so removing final-content-type
  patch as it causes issues for some backends (bug #1149245).
- Start cups.service after network.target (bug #1144780).

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