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python-perf - Python bindings for apps which will manipulate perf events

Website: http://www.kernel.org/
License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The python-perf package contains a module that permits applications
written in the Python programming language to use the interface
to manipulate perf events.


python-perf-3.10.0-229.el7.x86_64 [1.5 MiB] Changelog by Scientific Linux Auto Patch Process (2015-03-09):
- Ran Regex: Red Hat Enterprise => Scientific
-->  This RPM shouldn't say it is upstream's product
- Added Source: sl-ldup.x509
-->  The FNAL SL signing certificate for driver updates
- Added Source: kernel-spec_use_our_keys.patch
-->  Remove the TUV keys and sign with ours
- Added Source: kernel.ini
-->  Config file for automated patch script
- Added Source: sl-kpatch.x509
-->  The FNAL SL signing certificate for kpatch updates
- Added Source: fnal-sl.cer
-->  The FNAL SL signing certificate
- Added Source: kernel-3.10.0-i686.config
-->  kernel config for i686 kernel

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